mfers doin stuff – standing

Sold out!

→ 2069 CC0 collectibles
→ Mint price 0.035 eth – max 8

giveaway #1

1 OG mfer
2 creyzies
4 mfers doin stuff

giveaway #2

1 OG mfer
1 rektguy
1 tiny dinos
4 mfers doin stuff

giveaway #3


Posture is everything.

mfers traditionally do what they do best, sitting down being absolutely great. But sometimes even mfers need to stand up and acutally do stuff. Sounds off, I know. This is a series of 2069 collectibles showing the best mfer posture. This is the second collection from “mfers doin stuff”.

If selling out
→ We swipe some OG mfers to give away. [done]
→ “mfers doin stuff – genesis” holders gets free airdrop. [done]
→ 50% of secondary sales goes to Unofficial mfers vault. [edited]

[edit]: due to not selling out we will not longer give 50% of secondary to Unofficial mfers vault. Although, if secondary sales generate the same amount that selling out would have done we will start giving back.